Angelica Medina Clay | Floral Designer & Founder

Angelical Flowers is a floral design studio led by floral designer and founder, Angelica Medina Clay. Angelica is a self-taught fine art floral artist with a vision for excellence.   

Angelica’s floral philosophy is grounded in the idea that flowers have the ability to shift energy and while transforming a space of celebration into a picturesque experience is the ultimate goal, her and her team’s ability to simultaniously enjoy the process of designing for you, produces the highest level results. 

Through her artistry, Angelica seamlessly intertwines the softness of romantic blooms with delicate textures, creating ethereal compositions that evoke emotion and capture hearts. Her signature style is characterized by a harmonious organic fusion of tones, shapes, and scents, resulting in arrangements that tell a story and awaken the senses.


We aim to transform your space of celebration into a picturesque experience that resonates romance and joy.